Who am I?

Seal with juicy eyes at the Osaka aquarium Seal with juicy eyes at the Osaka aquarium.

I'm a multipotentialite meat sack. I've always been insatiably curious and into many different things. If I had to pick the most consistent set of interests it would be:

  • programming (games/tools/graphics)
  • making art & music (drawing/sculpting/painting/guitar/synths),
  • 3D modeling/VFX (Blender/ZBrush/Houdini/Clarisse)
  • computer security & cyberwarfare
  • molecular biology & bioinformatics
  • digital circuits & computer hardware design
  • psychology & philosophy
  • meta learning
  • math & physics
  • architecture
  • cooking
  • stand-up comedy

Work Stuff

  • Freelance programmer and solo game developer. Currently building a game engine and some games in Jai.
  • Artist and aspiring small business owner. Planning to open a sculpture store in the near future.
  • Previously worked at startups doing things like systems programming, tool development, devops, web app design/dev, database work, and other random startup-like things.
  • I might be available for part-time contract programming or doing art commissions. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss!

Photo Credits

Unless I note otherwise, all photographs used on this site were taken by yours truly.