Who am I?

Penguin construction workers on a lunch break Penguin construction workers on a lunch break at the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

I'm a conscious sack of meat living in Canada. Perhaps you too are a conscious sack of meat? If you are then welcome fellow meat sack.

  • Currently a solo game developer and freelance programmer. I'm primarily focused on making a 3D game engine and a game (The Magic Competition), mostly from scratch using C.
  • Previously worked at startups doing things like systems programming, tool development, devops, web app design/dev, and other startup like things.
  • I'm autodidact with broad interests spanning molecular biology, bioinformatics, interactive art, games, architecture, painting, drawing, graphics programming, security, synthesizers, digital circuits, psychology, quantum mechanics, and comedy.

Feel free to contact me. I might be available for part-time contract programming; just send me an email and we can discuss. Have a nice day/night/life/after life/existential crisis/etc!

Photo Credits

Unless I note otherwise, all photographs used on this site were taken by yours truly.