Who am I?

Penguin construction workers on a lunch break Penguin construction workers on a lunch break at the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

I’m a conscious sack of meat living in Toronto. Put another way, I’m an introverted homebody that occasionally enjoys travelling and likes his coffee black. I’ve worked at tech startups writing code and building systems for nearly a decade. I initially learned to program as a teen so that I could make games, and after a long detour I’m finally pursuing that plan. These days I spend most of my time consulting and working on my engine and game prototype. You can learn more about that at my company’s site: jellypixel.com.

Other broad things I enjoy in no particular order: making art/music, reading, learning, gaming, comedy, and podcasts.

Some very specific things I enjoy: sushi, Copic markers, charring my Brussels sprouts, meditation, Vitamin D, staying up late, cellular biology, synths, pigs, goats, goats eating pizza, goats shrieking, and pens…I love pens.

If you have any questions or want to chat then contact me.

What are my plans for this site?

It’s mostly a place for me to do some journaling and talk about the stuff I’m interested in. I may end up posting pictures of my art, bits of code, how to do such and such, book reviews, and so on. I’m also going to experiment with being vulnerable in my posts. It’s hard to do this when writing publicly, but I think it’s something worth attempting.

Photo Credits

It’s worth mentioning that unless I note otherwise, all photographs used on this site were taken by me.