Setting up the R3 Sound Editor

A sunset A sunset.

For those that don't know, the R3 is a wicked synth. I got mine around 2010 after much searching. I think I grabbed the last one in Toronto at that time. A cool thing about the R3 is that you can plug it into your PC via USB and use some Korg software to control the synth. The program provides a way to manage your patches along with the ability to copy over patches you found online. You can also use the software to tweak every keyboard setting using a GUI, instead of manually doing it on the keyboard itself. I still prefer the knobs on the keyboard because of muscle memory and I find it faster to change things while actively playing.

Setup Steps

  1. First, download the driver and software.
  2. Optionally download the patches from other Korg keyboards. As I beginner I think they're worth exploring because they give a good foundation to learn from and remix.
  3. Install everything and open the editor.
  4. Go to preferences and set these values:

    • MIDI IN: R3 - KBD/KNOB
    • MIDI OUT: R3 - SOUND

That's it! Now go play some music :D

Published May 26, 2016