CMOS Synths and AI

May 4, 2015 -- 1 minute & 24 second read

It's been a while. A lot has happened since I last journaled here. Justin Bieber got roasted, the next Justin Bieber was born, and I got a dash cam. You can check out my first upload on YouTube. It's a really exciting episode of Toronto drivers.

I've mostly been working on some large projects from my day job but that has died down so I'm back into the never ending discovery of cool things to learn, read and try. I recently went deep into learning about making your own synths. I came across a cool series on Hackaday and now I'm obsessed with CMOS synths. I just received a shipment of ICs from and now I can try it out.

It's been many years since I studied circuits and computer engineering material so I'm relearning the basics as I go along. The only thing I have yet to work out is the power situation. I'm thinking I can probably draw it off an Arduino until I get some type of power supply. I also don't own an oscilloscope which will probably make this project impossible to work on at some point. Baby steps.

I've also been reading about AI. Mostly the implications of having super intelligent AI. There has been some interesting philosophical discourse on this topic. The more I read into it the more concerned I am. I'm also excited and hopeful at the same time. I suppose ultimately it comes down to feeling apprehension towards a global tsunami of change. We won't be able to stop whatever it is that super intelligent AI would bring us. That idea is overwhelming, in the same way that thinking about infinite or the scale of objects in space can overwhelm you. I can't imagine what the world will be like. I just know that it is coming. We think life is fast now but we once again can't even comprehend what it will be like when computers are performing ten thousand years of thinking in a fraction of a second! Check out this article for a primer on the topic.

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