Going to Vegas for the Digital Signage Expo

March 10, 2015 -- 1 minute & 45 second read

Been slacking with the writing. And more generally been slacking at staying on top of life. This always happens when I have to work all night for work-work. It's taking a toll on me. But such is the life of a startup.

I'm going to Vegas tonight with some coworkers. We will be checking out the latest in digital signage tech to see if there is anything that we can use in our product. It's my first time in Vegas but not my first time in Nevada. I passed through Reno when I was young and I'll never forget driving down some interstate and seeing miles and miles of large rock formations and sand. It was really cool and fucking hot at the same time.

I'm not sure if I will have a lot of time to party in Vegas. I just want to pull a Mr. Pappagiorgio and get rich off a $1 slot.

Been thinking about practicing lucid dreaming again. Over the last week it's come up in day-to-day conversations and some podcasts that I listen to. I'll write more about this soon. Lucid dreaming is badass.

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