Learning Colemak

March 1, 2015 -- 2 minutes & 49 second read

I decided to learn Colemak. I've been practicing it on-and-off for the past two weeks. It's suggested that you practice for at least two hours a day. I can't do that. I have to type relatively quickly during the day, which leaves the evening for typing experiments. I find I'm often computer-weary after a solid day of coding and I can't fathom practicing for two hours.

It's been a great experience so far. I find Colemak to be very comfortable, which is its most emphasized selling point. You can type just as fast as QWERTY or possibly faster. Like QWERTY, typing speed is a function of your physical abilities. Some of the fastest typists in the world use QWERTY.

With Colemak you are encouraged to learn proper touch-typing from the start. It's fairly easy too, unlike QWERTY. The most used letters are on the home row and within reach of a strong finger. The pinky doesn't have to do much, unless you need to type a lot of semicolons and q's.

The only negative thing I've experienced so far is the rate at which I get mentally fatigued while practicing. I know this is to be expected of any task that requires prolonged concentration but it hits me hard. I find this practice to be particularly demanding because I'm suppressing muscle memory in order to build new patterns. That battle against habits makes me so sleepy. And I get cocky too. I'm always trying to test my limits. In this case I type as quickly as possible until I remember that I need to go slow and build the muscle memory. Clearly accuracy is more important than speed.

Hopefully I can switch to Colemak full time within the next few months. I think that's a very optimistic goal because I use vim as my main text editor. I'll have to relearn almost every everything. Dammit. Regardless I'm not switching back to an IDE. Fuuuuuck that.

And that's all I have to say about Colemak for now. If you're reading this, consider learning it. It's very comfortable! And I mean it's actually easy on the fingers. They barely have to move.

Just want to end this with an observation on my writing. I'm still warming up to it and I need to find my voice again. It's weird calling this a journal post because I'm clearly writing for someone that isn't me. At least I'm attuned to that. I don't know if it's better to drop the audience awareness. I'd rather not spend time analyzing such questions right now. I'll just continue to type what feels appropriate with a focus on being real.

Just to prove it I'll be real for 'you' right now.



Now dats some real shit, yo.

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