What is this blog all about?

It's mostly a place for me to do some journaling and talk about the stuff I'm interested in. I may end up posting pictures of my art, bits of code, how to do such and such, book reviews, and so on. I'm also going to experiment with being vulnerable in my posts. It's hard to do this when writing publicly, but I think it's something worth pursuing.

Who am I?

I'm a meatbag living in Toronto. I'm fascinated by the complexities of the mind, meta learning, mastering our monkey brain and the mysteries of the Universe. I love to learn and experiment with ways of improving my focus and efficiency in all the work I do, like the big nerd that I am. I really enjoy sharing and teaching the things I'm enthusiastic about. In terms of how I spend my days, I'm currently focusing most of my time on studying and making games. I've been programming since I was a wee lad and have worked at a handful of non-gaming startups for most of my adult life with the long term goal of making my own interactive art. I'm dabbling with VR and traditional game design right now and having a blast.

Other than programming, I spend my free time drawing, painting, playing music, cooking, reading, going through long lists of open browser tabs, cleaning my desktop, organizing my files across 6 hard drives, editing photos from vacations I went on years ago and listening to podcasts on comedy and philosophy.

There you have it. That's who I am. If you have questions or want to chat about anything, send me an email: mikecampo@gmail.com